Friday, August 15, 2014


Every year I come up with different ideas for behavior management systems so the kids can be excited about something new each year. Two years ago, I had a different baseball system... last year, I had football & track (along with PE tickets for prizes)... but this year I wanted to use the Clip Chart, but knew that it wouldn't work individually because I have 300 students.... Sooo I came up with a "Class" Clip Chart!

Each class will have their own baseball that will start on "Batter Up!" Each time the class deserves praise or recognition for positive behavior, their class will move their baseball up to Single, then to Double, Triple, Home Run and finally, Grand Slam! If the class gets to Grand Slam, then they will take a class picture and be "inducted" into Mrs. Piassek's Hall of Fame! Their picture, along with the date will be displayed in the gym. They will also receive a reward for their positive behavior!

*If a class misbehaves during a class period, I will give them 3 strikes, so essentially they will get 2 warnings. On the third "strike", I will move their class baseball back to "batter up"

My kiddos are going to LOVE this! 

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