Friday, August 22, 2014


Soo last year I probably wasn't as organized as I would've liked to be, and this year I decided to change that! I bought binders and binder tabs to help that process. I then created binder covers & I ABSOLUTELY LOVE them!!!! I was so happy how they came out!!

Next step is to work on the content that goes inside each of them, which I already have started. I added my tabs, which made my life already easier.

Since I am organizing my information from scratch, I figured why not make a new PE lesson template??

anddddd so I did!!

I am excited to transfer everything over from my previous template to this one. My previous one was 2-3 pages long and took up SO much space that my binder couldn't hold anything else! BUT NOW, it should be nice and neat and awesome!!

What do you guys think? If you like my editable binder covers, then go on over to my TpT page,

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  1. Your binders look great! I had a binder last year, but I was so bad about actually getting my stuff into it - so this year I made my own planner and had it spiral bound. That way I know where everything is!