Monday, September 1, 2014


Happy Labor Day everyone!! Can you believe it is already September??!! School starts tomorrow for teachers with a PD tomorrow and Wednesday. Kiddos come back Thursday!! Seems like the summer flew by but I am ready for the new school year :) On that note, I am linking up with Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for Currently September!

Listening: I am a New Yorker who absolutely LOVES country music!! They recently added a country music radio station here and I obviously cannot stop listening to it :)

Loving: I am loving my new journey that I embarked on around 3 weeks ago! I started up a blog, then added my instagram, facebook, pinterest, bloglovin accounts, and also a TPT page. I wasn't sure how to really start on TPT, but figured it out quickly and am SO happy to be creating resources for not only PE teachers, but also for classroom teachers as well. I already have 17 followers and can't wait to see where my journey takes me :)

Thinking: I am thinking about the first day of school tomorrow! Kiddos don't come back until Thursday, so we will be having Professional Development tomorrow and Wednesday mornings and then we get to set up our classrooms, or in my case gymnasium!

Wanting: I want a spiced pumpkin latte from Dunkin Donuts!!! Now that September is here, maybe I can go get one?

Needing: I need to get everything I created for school in my car for tomorrow! I leave my house at 6am and don't want to pack it up in the morning!

3 Trips: I have been wanting to go to the Atlantis in Bahamas! I've also been dying to go with my husband to Disney World, just the two of us! Nashville is also a place where I want to visit soon... I have been there when I was a kid, but soo want to go back now!

Well that is all for Currently September!! Make sure to head on over to Oh Boy, Fourth Grade to link up! As soon as I set up my gym, I'll be sure to blog about it and show the tour with pictures!


  1. If you go to Nashville you must eat at Shipley's Do-Nuts. They are amazing! My husband and I stumbled upon them during our last visit and I'm tempted to drive the 3 hours to get there again just for a do-nut. They are that good.

    Good luck starting school this week. We are already 3 weeks into our year. It's always neat to see when everyone starts.

    Good luck with your TPT store and blogging. I've only been started a few months now and it's been a great adventure. Enjoy every minute of it!
    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

  2. Lovely to meet you from over here in England - we start back today and many of the children will be back to school tomorrow. We aren't really known for our do-nuts over here but I have had a lovely piece of lemon meringue pie today which was delicious. Your new blog looks great and I will check out your store too :-)
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  3. Your blog is absolutely adorable! I wish you the best on all of the new journeys you are taking! It is all pretty exciting.

  4. My blog and tpt is about 5 months old and I am loving it too! I love the colors on your currently I'll have to keep that in mind for next time!

  5. Adorable blog! I am also loving my new blog and TPT journey. Isn't it fun!?
    ...and who doesn't want a pumpkin spiced latte right now? It is my favorite season of the year. :)

  6. Your blog looks great! It is a lot of fun having a blog and a great way to get many wonderful ideas! Good luck on your first days back at school. We started back with kids on the 14th. Hope you have a great year! Kristi Teaching Little Miracles